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So, how do we rate?

In the age of the internet, smart phones and social networking, it is easier than ever to learn about a local company or organization.  We encourage all potential clients to check out any company with which they choose to do business.  In addition to the organizations like the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, direct reviews from previous customers can help guide a potential client to the right service provider.  The following client testimonial excerpts have been taken directly from various web locations where our past clients took the time to comment on their experience with Moore Home Inspection Services.  Here’s what some past clients have to say…

From Zillow Reviews (September 30th, 2013):

“Earlier this week, Rick Michalicek of Moore Home Inspection Services inspected a 13-year-old, 3600 sq ft house that I recently got under contract. Overall, my experience with Rick was very positive, and I would absolutely recommend him to a prospective home buyer.

Rick arrived to the scheduled inspection well ahead of time, so he was already at the house waiting for me when I arrived. We had a bit of a false start when Rick suggested that he was going to conduct the inspection alone, while giving me an overview/summary after he completed each portion of his inspection. I wanted (and expected) to shadow Rick during the inspection so that I could learn the house and ask questions contemporaneously. I told Rick that I preferred my approach and he quickly agreed. In fairness, he was concerned about having sufficient time to conduct a thorough inspection, which, after all, was what I hired him for. In the end, I was very glad that I shadowed Rick because I learned a lot about the house, and Rick was great about answering questions and explaining his observations.

Rick was very thorough in his inspection, very knowledgeable about the various components of the house, and very business-like in his approach. The impression I took away from the experience was that Rick was there, working on my behalf, to uncover every conceivable defect/problem so that I was aware of it and could address it with the seller before closing. Ultimately, as a buyer making a significant investment in a new home, you want to have confidence that your inspector is a true professional looking out for your best interests. Rick was certainly that, and I wouldn’t hesitate to use him again in the future.

Finally, the inspection report was very well done, thorough, and consistent with everything that I observed and that Rick and I spoke about during the inspection.

In sum, Moore Home Inspection is an excellent choice in the St. Louis area.”  — Zillow user0563313


From Yelp Reviews (May 8th, 2010):

After recently falling in love with a new home and getting it under contract, we called Moore Home Inspection for a little reassurance that we were making a good investment. We were, after all, first time home buyers.

The Moore Home Inspection team was at the house, right on time. We found that they were super friendly, professional, and informative….since we were doing this for the first time they were very understanding and patient with our questions.

We were floored when Mr. Moore came out to the house in person during the inspection. That’s the personal touch that made us feel great about our choice of home inspectors. After the inspection, we quickly received a DETAILED report of the findings (including digital pictures within the report with arrows pointing to “problem” areas in the home) as well as some very helpful “new home owner” tips for moving in and keeping a new home maintained.  We were thrilled with the level of service we received….call Mr. Moore and his team, you won’t be disappointed!”  — Rachel A.


Directly From a Client (May 14th, 2014):

“Thank you for the report. It is very informative and detailed. We were impressed by the work you have done. The inspector Rick is very professional, and we are happy with his hard work. Thank you so much! Have a nice weekend!”  — Chunfen and Wensheng


Directly From a Client (October 29th, 2014): 

“I wanted to take a moment and tell you how impressed I was with your professionalism and service today. I found you incredibly thorough and appreciate the insights that I gained from the report you prepared. Everything about the inspection process was seamless – from scheduling the inspection, to coordination of the lateral line and termite inspections, and finally the execution of the inspection and the timely preparation of the report. You exceeded my expectations and I am thankful that my friend referred me to you. I will happily share your information with others who may benefit from your services.”  —  Helen B.


From Zillow Reviews (August 29th, 2013):

“I could not be more happy with Rick at Moore Home Inspection Services. He was extremely thorough, very professional, polite, and patient. He answered all my questions in gripping depth. He had a process, he explained his process, he followed through with his process. It was fun”  — Zillow user7333445


From Google Places Review (2010):

“Moore Home Inspection Services did the inspection on my nearly 100 year-old home and they were fantastic. They very extremely detailed in their inspection and final report, and gave me the information I needed to make sure some things were taken care of before we moved in…including Radon mitigation and boiler issues. I have recommended them frequently and always hear rave reviews! Mr. Moore and Mr. Michalicek were excellent in their explanation and made sure I understood everything.” — Google User


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